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Mayo 2012

To update WordPress by FTP


The best way to update WordPress is by means of the actualizador of the writing-desk. This is because there are no doubts that it updates from repositorio official and in addition it is the fastest method. Why? , because simply because it does not only update everything but those files that they have changed on your present version.

However, sometimes we cannot update from the writing-desk of ours wordpress, because we do not have sufficient permissions or because simply it fails the connection with the FTP. And many other times, it remains much short while thinking and in the end it gives failure.

The guilty of this delay are the folders of the installation, those that more files contain and that slow down the process of load to the FTP.

In order to simplify this, I am going to take some very simple steps to you to update wordpress to the last version and not to have problems.

The process in these cases is the following one:

  1. Unloadings this http://es.wordpress.org/ connection
  2. You decompress the file in your computer and will see that the standard installation of WordPress is several loose archives and 3 folders
  3. The folders are: wp-content, wp-includes and wp-admin
  4. Flocks the local folder wp-content just decompressed, that never rises because but you sobrewrite the folder of content of your site, where photos keep, plugins, the subject, etc. Thus not you equivocations, the flocks after decompressing zip and thus there is permissible error no.
  5. You raise by FTP the folders wp-admin and wp-includes, sobrescribiendo those that you have in the FTP.
  6. You accede to http://tudominio.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php and in the following screen it will tell you if you must update the data base, if it is thus, him DAS to the button and it is already done.

It already is. With this method you are able to reduce the time of update of WordPress by FTP enough. In fact, the load of the loose files lasts few second and is the only moment at which your visitors could notice something.

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