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October 2013

How to avoid attacks or hackeo to Joomla or Wordpres


If sometimes it has had an attack of hackers to use or is going to install a Management system gratuitous Web, comor WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, OsCommerce, Moodle among others, we give 9 points him to avoid to be hackeado

1 €“ To lower always these software from the page of the developers

2 €“. You buy same you sole in serious pages and responsible, never she uses crakeadas groups.

3 €“ To have always its up-to-date and parchado CMS.

4 €“ To have updated all the plugin that adds ace paginates and has constant updates.

5 - It eliminates added subjects and that it never used.

6 €“ It verifies that its computer with which You raise you paginate does not have any Trojan or virus

7 €“ it does not allow that the listing of the directories is seen this is obtained placing an empty index in each of them.

8 €“ It tests all that wants, and once satisfied it erases everything and it only makes the final installation cleaning and so it used.

9 €“ the possible thing Has always but always an endorsement but updated mainly the data bases.

These steps are not an effective solution 100% since they are open systems and gratuitous.

And one of the best known forms more is placing in its space Web firewall this is what plus it helped it, if looks for in Google found for Joomla but they are payments because if were gratuitous we would follow in the same problem, wordpress offers plugin gratuitous but it remembers that until the same pages of the developers they have been hackeadas of course solve it quickly.

For the hackers of these systems the challenge is not personal question of a specific page is in the amount of hackeadas pages.

If its system is joomla we recommended the installation to him of this firewall


If its system is a WordPress we recommended to him this:


SEP 2013

You must update your Joomla 1,5, because it will stop working shortly


Which is the problem?

Joomla 1,5 is an uncertain and obsolete version, that has been stopped developing, and for that reason it is a habitual objective of the hackers. Only therefore, you would have to update Joomla to the last version of urgent way.

Create to us, many of our clients who use Joomla 1,5 have happened through very disagreeable experiences, and you can be the following one.

But there is another definitive reason: with the imminent update of PHP to version 5.4, your Joomla 1,5 is going to stop working, and that is going to happen at any time. PHP 5,3 already has reached their €œend of life€?, and shortly it will be necessary to update all the servers to version 5.4.

It is worth, but does this affect to me?

It depends on what version you have of Joomla. He is simple to discover it, you can see it in elpanel of administration of Joomla. If you have the 1,5, you will be able to see it in right corner superior of the panel. In versions 1,0, 1,6, 1,7 and 2,5, appear under the whole.

Also you can see it in the section €œInformation of the system€?, within the panel.

If your version is inferior to version 2.5, you must update. If you have the 2,5 in future, you can breathe calm, whenever you maintain everything updated to the last versions.

It goes, my version is inferior to the 2,5, what I do?

It updates your Joomla right now, now, today, you do not let it pass. This plugin, although is a little expensive, it is the best option to make the update, and if everything goes well, it will not take too much time to you:

Plugin is expensive, but it saves many headaches. We cannot recommend another one to you, although there are them.

How it works?

The process is the following one:

  • It buys plugin SP Upgrade.
  • It installs a new version of Joomla 2,5 or 3 in a folder.
  • It installs plugin SP Upgrade.
  • It forms plugin to connect to the data base of your old Joomla.
  • Beam click in transferring, chooses the opportune options and begins the process.

Only that can give the problems are the groups (templates). Some can be adapted and another no, so it is possible that it is called on to change to you of group.

Once you have everything migrated to the new Joomla, you can move it from his folder to the main directory (or where you need). It is enough with moving the archives and publishing configuration.php with the correct route. You can see instructions in the documentation of Joomla.

Then, I have to pay to update?

By all means, it is not necessary to pay to update your Joomla, but we are in the obligation to recommend the best thing to you. Reason why we have investigated, with this plugin you are going to save time, and is going to work, so it is your better trick.

Most important it is than you know clearly that the update of PHP is imminent, and your Web is going to stop working. Update it already, of urgent way.

October 2012

Update of the version of PHP of all the servers


We have come to update the version of all our servers to the new version of php 5.3.17 in order that all the problems of security of previous versions are corrected apart from which for many scripts new is very necessary.

If they have any problem with their Web does not doubt in contacting to us and we will see in that we can help them.

SEP 2012

Problem when connecting to MySQL of remote form in CentOS


Sometimes we needed to connect to ours mysql from a program as navicat and we were that it shows a connection failure to us.

2003: Can't connect to MySQL server on €˜localhost€™ (10061)

It can be that we have put some bad data, but not always he is this and he is the servant who rejects the connection because the remote connection to mysql is not qualified.

In order to solve this, we will make the following thing:

1: To enter through ssh

. .

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SEP 2012

Data error. in file manager of cpanel


Sometimes it has happened that when entering our file manager of cpanel, we have been that it does not load the archives and folders and it appears the following message:

Data error.

Well, because the solution is very simple and is enough with the following thing.

It accedes to his FTP with a client FTP as it can be filezilla, cuteftp, flasfxp, etc€¦

.cpanel/ eliminates the folder that is in the main directory of its account of user.

The error will have disappeared and the file manager of cpanel already will show to all the archives and folders.

August 2012

Error with outlook. Number of error: 0x800CCC0F


It clicks in the option €˜Tools€™ in the menu bar of Outlook Express
It clicks in the option €˜Accounts€¦€™
It selects the account that produces the error message
It clicks in the button €˜Properties€™
It clicks in the lapel €˜Servers€™
My servant marks (he brands) of the square €˜requires authentication€™
€˜Configuration€™ clicks in the button
It selects the option €˜To use the same configuration that the servant of electrante mail€™
It clicks in the button €˜To accept€™
It clicks in the button €˜To accept€™, again
It clicks in the button €˜To close€™.

Julio 2012

550 Access denied €“ Invalid BE IT yam (See RFC2821


Option 1
This error arises because the name of its computer, as all the computers have, owns invalid characters.

In order to see the name of its computer

Home €“ >> Ejecutar €“ >> cmd and to enter€¦

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Julio 2012


Failed loading /usr/lib64/php/modules//php_ioncube_loader_lin_5.1_x86_64.so


wget http://autoinstall.plesk.com/PSA_10.2.0€¦ x86_64.rpm
rpm - Or php5-ioncube-loader-4.0.7-11032115.x86_64.rpm
/etc/init.d/psa restart

Mayo 2012

To update WordPress by FTP


The best way to update WordPress is by means of the actualizador of the writing-desk. This is because there are no doubts that it updates from repositorio official and in addition it is the fastest method. Why? , because simply because it does not only update everything but those files that they have changed on your present version.

However, sometimes we cannot update from the writing-desk of ours wordpress, because we do not have sufficient permissions or because simply it fails the connection with the FTP. And many other times, it remains much short while thinking and in the end it gives failure.

The guilty of this delay are the folders of the installation, those that more files contain and that slow down the process of load to the FTP.

In order to simplify this, I am going to take some very simple steps to you to update wordpress to the last version and not to have problems.

The process in these cases is the following one:

. .

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