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How to form the e-mail in MAIL of MAC OS?

How to form the e-mail in MAIL of MAC OS

In VHD we have the option to form our account of e-mail in different managers. Now we will explain how to do it in MAIL of MAC OS.

In this case, we used as example the account €śdemo@example.com€?, this direction is due to modify by the name of the mail account to form.


1. - Previous configuration of the account

We initiate MAIL from his icon in the Dock or entering €śFinder€?, €śApplications€? and €śMail€?.


When acceding to the manager, we must go to the section of €śMail€? and select the option of €śPreferences€?.



Once inside we added a mail account, beating the button €ś+€? that it appears in the side left inferior.




In the following section we see the option add a new account of mail.

It is important to mention that the program €śmail€? constantly realises verifications on the data that we entered and is possible that it delays some minutes in updating a change, although we do not see anything in screen.


2. - Main data of the account.

In order to form the account, we completed the following data:

Name: name that will appear to him to the person who receives the mail.

Email address: email address of the account that we want to form.

Password: we indicate the password of its account of mail.




And soon we beat in €śFollowing€?.




We select one of protocols IMAP or POP3 both.

Description: we introduce a description of the account, for example the same account of mail.

Incoming servant: name of the servant of mail reception (IMAP, for this case). We introduce imap.elnombredesudominio.com/org/es/etc.

In the name of user and in Password we introduce the data of user and password that we have assigned to this account.




Servant of salient mail (SMTP): we introduce smtp.elnombredesudominio.com/es/org/etc. For example: smtp.example.com.

In the name of user and in Password we introduce the data of user and password that we have assigned to this account.

Once finalized the configuration of the servers it will appear to us a screen with the configuration of the account who we have created and we will have to review it so that she is correct:




In this screen we must click in the servant of salient mail (SMTP), and select €śTo publish the list of servers smtp€?.




In the following window we must have deactivated the option €śTo use SSL€?.




We keep and already we have our account of mail of VHD formed in MAIL of MAC OS.


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