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The clients of VirtualHostingDigital are due to jeopardize to the total acceptance of the use policy, where the ignorance of the norms does not exempt of the fulfillment of these. In case of breach of the norms of VirtualHostingDigital, the administration this in its right of being able to cancel the contracted services, without obligation to monetary return.

1. -/The passwords of access to its FTP, or shell, will only have to know them you, if a user enters with her, we did not take responsibility of the caused damages. Any cost on the part of its account, also will be received. If it wishes to contract a special service of backup copy, it will only have to be put in touch with the administration of VirtualHostingDigital. With this to say, that if you have not contracted service of backup copy, we do not become people in charge of which you lose the lodged data. You have the obligation at any moment, to have a backup copy in his power, in case sometimes it happens something unexpected (hackers, lost of data, fall of servers, etc€)

All client who needs that we do backup copy to him of his hosting H-10 or Reseller R-20, will have to request it as she has supported extra and this she has a cost.

- The backup copies for Hosting H-10 ‚ is of 30 annual.

- In case the contracted service is a Reseller plan, ‚ will be of 50 annual.

It can contract this service from the Area of Support, contacting with the Province of Administration.

2. -/They are prohibited the following contents final: cracks, piracy (illegal software), chats, great amounts of archives of great size for downloads and to use the space Web to realise backup copies (backups) of hard disks. In addition to all those scripts that by their functions to realise, can damage to the servant and/or served by this. In case of being some of these contents, VirtualHostingDigital reserves the right to erase them without previous warning.
Before any doubt, at sign consults with our administration in administration [] virtualhostingdigital.com

- Totally the Spam shipment is prohibited, as well as to make mailing without previous warning. If it needs to make mailing, it must engage a mail servant, where an IP dedicated for this use will be assigned to him. All account of hosting that makes Spamming, immediately will be suspended during 24 hours and will be reactivated once is solved the problem.

3. -/If an account of a client consumes the majority of the resources of the machine, this account will happen to precautionary suspension and it will let know his proprietor to take the actions that are considered opportune so that both parts can prepare their properties, in case of not arriving at an agreement, or that is for fraudulent use, VirtualHostingDigital it will cancel served. Without option to be able to protest on the part of the client.

4. -/They are prohibited all those materials final that violate the rights of author, and the contents of child pornography. Being denounced by VirtualHostingDigital to the competent authorities facilitating the data of the client. Contents would not be accepted that can hurt sensitivity. VirtualHostingDigital does not take responsibility of the contents that can put their clients.

5. -/In case of wanting to extend his contract by personal needs, it sends an e-mail a: info [at sign] virtualhostingdigital.com and we will advise to him that it will have to choose for the best yield of his Web. For example, we will suggest him to use dedicated server hosting plans. Or maybe, cheap web hosting unlimited domains for his website. The other suggestion that we might give is low cost vps hosting because it has so much advantages.

- The domains with completion .es, are only gratuitous with the registry of a plan of hosting or to reseller. However, the renovations of the services of hosting and to reseller, do not entail the renovation of the service of domain .es, reason why it will have to pay his annual price. Our vps hosting reseller is a very good hosting plans. Since it is also providing OsCommerce, PHP, Java, etc.

6. -/VirtualHostingDigital reserves the right to modify these prices, in case it is necessary, without previous warning. Once contracted, the prices would not vary during the period of contracted time.

7. -/All the webpages designed by VirtualHostingDigital, count on facilities in the lodgings Web, obtaining the first month, gratuitous lodging. The price of the webpages, can vary based on the amount and complicity, programming language of internal links.
If it wishes information on our plans of design, encontacto with our commercial ones is put in: info [at sign] virtualhostingdigital.com

8. -/The updates of their pages Webs to position to VirtualHostingDigital, will be monthly, being able to be every 15 days or weekly, according to the needs of the contractor, in case a month, any update does not take place will be also acquired on the part of VirtualHostingDigital by reasons for maintenance of the Web, and preparation of following updates.

9. -/All the pages lodged in VirtualHostingDigital and sponsorizadas, will be forced to put a link in the main page (example: Hosted by VirtualHostingDigital.com) where VirtualHostingDigital will be the one who is in charge of all type of publicity related to these sponsorizadas Webs. In addition to having access to the data bases if these have some.

10. -/The monthly transference is ilimitada* for all the plans of hosting.

The option , is for any type of plan of hosting or to reseller and is had to pay by 4 years. The annual renovation of the domain is not included in the price.
NOTE: The option is effective while the associate main domain to the plan of Hosting Forever stays or Reseller Forever once registers. If at some time the domain is cancelled by nonrenovation, the service of Hosting Forever or Reseller Forever will be also cancelled.

11. -/To have a space Web, with special contents to adults, it will have to be put in touch with the Administration and to ask for it.

12. -/Once contracted our services by a term of time, the client will be able to terminate himself when she wishes it. VirtualHostingDigital, will give back the given amount, in case we cannot offer the contracted service to him or they have not spent the 30 days of test.

The domains registered with the service of Hosting or Reseller that are included as gratuitous, are in property of VirtualHostingDigital until the client stops the contract.

If the transference of a domain is asked for towards another company, the client has the obligation to pay the amount by 1 YEAR of the price of the domain at issue.

If he wishes to terminate a service of Hosting, Reseller or Dedicated Servidor, he must warn to us with a minimum of 30 days of advance, otherwise he will have to pay the price of renovation that is asked for to him.

13. -/If during the period of hiring it wishes to be able to extend the offered services, send an e-mail to us to info [at sign] virtualhostingdigital.com indicating what wishes to extend, we will put ourselves in touch with you as rapidly as possible, you will have to pay a monthly payment or annual by the extension.

14. -/All the information, code source, images, name and others related to VirtualHostingDigital, are intellectual property of VirtualHostingDigital, any partial reproduction or total it will be warned the competent authorities.

15. -/The personal data facilitated by the user in this form will be object of treatment automated in agreement with the Statutory law of Regulation of the Automated Treatment of the Personal Data of Personal Character (L.O.R.T.A.D.), which will allow VirtualHostingDigital to improve the relation client/supplier. VirtualHostingDigital will use the data with aims to improve the communication between the client and VirtualHostingDigital. For any doubt on the use, aims and consequences of the treatment of their data, can consult us in the following electronic direction: administration [at sign] virtualhostingdigital.com

16. -/The payments would take place according to the date of beginning of served, as well as the period of hiring, the delay of the payments, will entail to the automatic cancellation of all the contracted services. The payment will be made entering in bank account or by means of transference in a term superior to 5 days natural after the date does not limit, where it will have to appear the name of the domain or holder of the account as entrance concept. VirtualHostingDigital does not take responsibility of the damages, or data caused by the suspension or cancellation of accounts by inpagos, without possibility of claim on the part of the client.

17. -/Once received, VirtualHostingDigital will not give back the amount given by the client in case it decides not to have our services once passed 30 days from the hiring of the same.

If deseea to terminate itself in any contracted service, it must always do enters it 15 and 30 days before the expiration date, otherwise it would lose the right to the transference of the services to another company unless it realises the payment of the renovation of the services.

18. -/VirtualHostingDigital has on watch technical attention by means of e-mail, support [at sign] virtualhostingdigital.com, which will be received answer in terms nonsuperiors to 12 hours.

19. -/If it wishes that VirtualHostingDigital administers its accounts to him of client, the service will have an additional cost of 5 ‚ to the month, in case of being an account to reseller, the administration of this, sera of 15 ‚ monthly. In case of not having this service, VirtualHostingDigital not this forced to solve the doubts that do not esten related to a failure of the service on the part of VirtualHostingDigital

20. -/VirtualHostingDigital will not become person in charge by any failure in anyone of its services caused by reasons whose responsibility does not fall directly to VirtualHostingDigital:

If it has some doubt on the norm, we requested to him in touch puts with us in administration [at sign] virtualhostingdigital.com
VirtualHostingDigital VirtualHostingDigital
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