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If its Web is not positioned on the front page of results in the finders
as Google, it will be difficult to him to his clients to find his business in Internet
That is and as it works?

Search engine optimization or Optimization of web search engines are the process to improve the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different finders. Also he is frequent to name it by his English title, SEO (Optimization Search Engine). Also it is common to call it positioning Web, although this term is not so precise, since it includes other sources of traffic outside the web search engines.

In the last years, the web search engines are incorporating new variables that are necessary to take into account for the optimization of a website. Local searches, or customized searches are some of these new types of positioning.

Natural or organic positioning

The objective is to appear in the positions more possible superiors of the results search organic for one or several concrete words.

It supposes the task of optimizing the structure of a Web and the content of the same, as well as the use of diverse techniques of linkbuilding, linkbaiting or contained viral, increasing the notoriety of the Web, due to the increase of mentions.

The optimization is realised in two-way traffic:

  • Internal: By means of improvements in the content. Technical improvements in the code. Accessibility. Test A/B, etc.
  • External: One looks for to improve the notoriety of the Web by means of references to her. This is obtained to essentially through links.

The organic or natural positioning, in Spain. It is developed essentially around the Google finder, because it supposes more of the 90%-95% of the total volume of searches. The positioning in different finders, as Bing or Yahoo, requires of different techniques, although their algorithms search are similar.

Also we talked about to posicionadores or SEOs to define the people who realise this type of work.

Is possible to emphasize that the finders, usually they show organic or natural results in an area, on a par of payment results. The positioning in these areas of payment, requires of the certain payment special services, as Adwords or Microsoft Ad Center, and it is known as Marketing in web search engines or by their English abbreviations, SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Penalty in web search engines
A penalty in web search engines is a battle conducted by web search engines to penalize the positioning of those webpages that do not respect the policies of quality1 defined by that finder.
Types of penalties

Sanction of thirty positions

This penalty exactly reduces 30 positions to you for the consulted word when a Web as Spam or generation of connections nonrelated is considered.

Penalty of PageRank

Although the PageRank is lost weight still is continued altering its value, and the penalty consists of reducing its value between -2 and -9 according to the committed infraction.

Penalty of sixty positions

Like the sanction of thirty positions but affecting the place of the website in 60 squares, the penalty is caused to abuse a farm of connections.

Penalty of the last place or baneo

This penalty sends the website to the last places in any search or the domain Web even disappears of the finder; it is generated by a combination of infractions.

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